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Clear Seas: Escape from the War

The light lit up the midnight sky when bombs hit houses on my block, it’s time we left if we don’t we might be exploded by bombs or worst, run out of food. Me, and my nine year old sister, Sam, have been living near the shoreline in a small house, with holes in the roof. When world war three started our parents died, and Sam and I have to find a way to survive. I had one more can of beans and a raw hotdog I found in the back of the freezer, I grabbed them both and put them in a bag. I ran to my sister Sam’s room, stopping at its poorly made sign that read, “keep out!”, yea right.  I opened the door to see my sister sleeping, I jabbed her arm to wake her up.

“Go away I’m tired”, she murmured.

“We have to leave now, the bombs are hitting close to the house, I think the solders are coming”, I said briskly.  Almost like magic she sprung out of her bed, her eyes wide with fear.

“Pack your stuff but only a few things”, I said, giving her the bag. I watched as she put the necklace that our mom and dad gave us before they died at the start of World War III, and a small blanket into the bag.

“Where can we go?” Sam whispered.

“Hmmm, I have an idea! Solders can’t go in the sea right? Well, if we wear our breathing masks, and take a submarine, we can live in the sea!” I said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

“What if we get caught?” Sam asked anxiously.

“Well, we have to be quick, come on.” I grabbed the breathing masks and put them our faces. I opened the door and peeked out to make sure the danger was clear. It was quiet, though smoke and dust still hung in the air. I whispered in my sister’s ear, “Okay, follow me and stay close and don’t make a noise!”

We tip toed through the darkness to the back of the house where our parents used to hide the submarine in the bushes. Although it was dusty, it might still work.

“Sam, help me push this into the water.” We both strained to push the vessel to the water, and inch by inch we managed to get it in the water. I hopped in, and tried not to scream when the cobwebs got in my face,

“Okay Sam, toss me the bag.” I whispered, still wiping the cobwebs off my face.

Suddenly the silent night was broken by the sound of wailing coming from Sam. “The soldiers woken up and they see us!” Sam shrieked.

“Sam jump!” I yelled.

With a thump Sam landed on the floor of the submarine, her fall was broken by the cushion of the bag. Dawn was breaking through the smoke and clouds, and the sound of yelling solders and exploding bombs was deafening. Quickly, I pushed the button that seals the air lock and the start button, the engine sputtered and shot forward like a stone skipping the water.

“Yes! It works” I yelled triumphantly.

It was getting dark by the time I unpacked and cleaned the submarine. I had steered the vessel in a kelp-bed hoping it would be enough cover from the ravenous sharks.

In the morning Sam shouted, “Wake up! Wake up! I want to go exploring!” What happed to sleeping in? I opened the air lock, careful not to let the water in. The water was freezing. I was starting to wonder if Sam had a heater in her swim suit.

Stunned out of my thoughts I saw a small cave with unnatural clear water. “Let’s go inside!” Sam shouted excitedly

“Umm, I don’t know…”  But it was too late to argue, Sam had already blast into the cave. With a sigh, I swam into the cave. The cave was small on the outside, but was huge on the inside. “Wait stop.” I said holding out a hand to halt Sam who was not paying any attention to me.


“There are two tunnels.” I said.

“So, let’s go in this one.” Sam shot into the tunnel to the right and gasped.

“Sam! Are you ok!” I swam as fast as I could and almost crashed in to Sam who seemed frozen till I looked where she was looking. White buildings shone through the water, and mermaids with tails that seemed to glow in the clear waters, we had found Atlantis.

“Mermaids!” Sam shrieked “Wait!” Too late, she swam to one the mermaids, the mermaid looked at her in shock. “Humans! There are humans in Atlantis!” she cried. She flashed away from Sam who was still in awe. Other mermaids turned around to see the two unexpected visitors “I think we should go” I whispered in Sam’s ear.

“But they’re so pretty and…” her words cut off when a loud voice shook the water. “Humans, I am Poseidon, God of Sea and King of Atlantis! Leave mortals, before we throw you in jail! Only mermaids and mermen are allowed in my city!”

We swam out of Atlantis. Angry stares looked back at us till we were out of sight. When we got to the tunnels that divided, and Sam pouted “Can we please go in the second tunnel?”

“No, I think we’ve caused enough trouble.” Sam looked at me with a heated face and said

“Fine! I’ll go alone!” She swam into the tunnel before I could reply I sighed, ugh I fogged my mask, I swam in the cave trying to catch up with Sam. This cave was darker and I felt like I was swimming in smoke. Finally I saw Sam through the smoggy water and when I reached her the tunnel opened up to a wide cave. Sam yelled “Look!” I turned my head and saw a ring on a hafe broken pedestal that said, Poseidon. Sam snatched the ring and the cave rumbled and cracked and stones fell on the entrance, we were trapped.

I could not see through the water the rocks blocked the any of the light from the entrance. For a minute it was silent then I screeched at Sam, “Why did you pick up the ring!”

“It was so pretty.” She answered somberly suddenly the cave filled with light that was blinding. The light came from the ring on Sam’s finger that dimed so I could see without burning my eyes.

“Wow.” Sam whispered still to shock at what just happened to say anything so I looked for a way out.

“Sam, I found another tunnel!” I yelled. Sam swam to my side as we both swam in the tunnel, suddenly I noticed the unnatural water ahead “Sam give me the ring.”

“Why?” she sulked

“We have to return it, now hand it over!” I said playfully as I yanked it out of her hand instantly the ring stopped glowing. When we finally got to the opening of the tunnel I felt like my feet were going to fall off.

“Were back!” Sam yelled her voice filled with energy that I wished I had the greeting however I wished I didn’t have.

Mermaids spotted us and cried “The humans are back!” the mermen chanted in unison “Sent them to prison!”

Poseidon swam up to us his eyes filled with rage “Why are you here!” his voice bellowed in the water and quieted the Merpeople.

“We came here to return a ring.” I said my voice shaking.

“Yea!” Sam howled proudly.

Poseidon nodded. “Thank you for returning my ring small ones…” I giggled as Sam looked offended, “I lost it long ago in a small cave.” He continued, “I never thought humans would return it and so for reward for finding my ring I grant you permission in Atlantis.” I was amazed that we had got permission inAtlanticeven though we were not mermaids, Sam also shared the same surprise but with a hint of excitment. From now on we live in Atlantis, theClearSea.

The End

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One Response to “Clear Seas: Escape from the War”

  1. Dedicated server says:

    This is a pretty quick read, but the descriptions of how the men escaped from the downed submarine are absolutely riveting. It makes you wonder if the spoiled -rotten, internet-using, Scrabulous-playing candy-asses of today could hack anything remotely similar to what these guys went through.