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Clear Seas: The Travel Stone

“Your new house is right over here” said the house salesman. I looked up at the gigantic pink shell. “Wow!” Sam Yelled.

“Thank you.” I said. It’s been two hours since we returned the ring and Poseidon provided us the ability to breathe “I’m Sam!” Sam yelled.underwater. I opened the huge sea shell door and looked inside, a table made from coral with wooden chairs on the right and a fridge, counter tops, and cabinets bloated with food. “This is one of our best houses in Atlantic, I hope you enjoy it!” The salesman said energetically and left. “Wow! This is so cool!” Sam shouted I nodded in agreement. After we explored the house we swam outside toward the school. “I don’t wanna go to school!” Sam cried “Neither do I but we’ve had little education.” I said dragging her through the underwater sand. We finally arrived at Atlantic school for Mermaids and “special creatures” really… since Sam and I are both “Special creatures” we swam over to the sign-up sheet “Your names?” said the mermaid with blond hair.

“Hi Sam since your just a toddler so you’ll come with me.” Said another mermaid dragging Sam to the “little special creatures.” class room. “Your name?” said the mermaid “Um… people around here call me Kate.”

“Ok Kate, come with me.” She waved me over to a classroom. A day of boring mathematics and reading followed, the only thing that caught my eye was when our teacher gave us all stones. “These are travel crystal, they will help you with your projects. What you do is hold them in your palm and think of a real place and you be teleported their!” the class Oooh and awed “please use it at home and not in school please.” The teacher said. After the school bell rang Sam and I swam home. “Oh and then after recess we had the best sea apple sauce!” Sam said concluding her entire school day story. “Sam want to go to China?”

“China? How?”

“At school we were given travel stones.” I said holding out my stone. Suddenly the stone started to glow and water whizzed around us. When the water stopped we noticed that we were not in Atlantic we were in Beijing.

Noise buzzed around us as people rushed to one stall to the next. “Wow!” squeaked Sam

“This must be the market.” I said. We walked around until a large guard stopped us. “Birth papers?” he said dryly

“Were sisters!” Sam said cheerfully, while I slapped my hand on my face

“Sisters?” he said “…When did your parents pay the fine for having two children?”

“Fine…” we both said in unison

“Both of you come with me slowly.” He said

“Sam… Run!” we both shot off running luckily the man was a bit cubby so we got away easily but suddenly more police came out of nowhere. I screamed in terror as I felt a shock in our arms suddenly I blacked out.

“Kate!” I opened my eyes to see nothing but blurry grayness. When my eyes cleared I saw that I was on a cell bunk bed and next to me was Sam.

“W… what happened?”  I asked

“They tasered us.” She said showing me her wound

“We got to get out of here.” I said to Sam

“What about our travel stone?” Sam said

“They took it.” I said grimly throwing a rock on the wall. Suddenly the wall disappeared and slowly everything disappeared.

“Sam!” I screamed but no one answered. I closed my eyes scared I fall when the floor disappeared till suddenly I felt a warm glow around me. I opened my eyes to see the best sight in the world… Atlantic school. Apparently our teacher forgot to tell us that the travel stones only last for 24 hours in till the stone disappears. When class was over I spotted Sam gave her a huge bear hug.

“Kate?” Sam said


“Promise me we’ll never go to china.”she said sobbing

“I promise.”


The End

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