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“Megan, wake up!” I shot up screaming.
“Megan, it’s just me!” I stared at my Sis her wide eyes on me
“I’m sorry, Nina, it’s just the dream…”I said.
“It’s ok, mom told me to tell you that we are going hiking today so get ready.”
“Ok, I’ll be ready in a second.” I told her. She got up and left me alone.

Ever since we started this vacation at the mountains I have been having dreams. Last night in my dream I was trapped in a room and voices spoke all around me “The rise of illusions is coming is coming is coming…” the voices grew louder and louder till I could not even hear my scream and that was when I woke up. I quickly threw on my clothes and greeted my sister and mom outside. We hiked up a rocky mountain in silence until mom said “Megan have you seen who the people look like in your dreams?” I was stunned at first that my mom knew about the dream but then I realized that Nina must have told her.    “No, not really two nights ago I do remember a red haired girl with blood shot eyes in a gown staring at me.” I got a cold chill when my mom muttered something I could barely catch

“Illusion…” unexpectedly my mother grabbed our hands and shot down the hill.
“Mom, what’s wrong!” I said trying not to stumble.
“We have to leave, now!” she sounded as if she were panicking. Suddenly everything when dark and mom and Nina were gone. It felt like I was back in my dream only this time it was different. A tall man stood in front of me and said “I’ve come to warn you.”
“About what? Where am I?” I asked still in shock at my mom’s abrupt panicking.
“You, Nina and your mother might die for Illusion’s sickness has plagued your mind, that your first clue.” Suddenly my eyes opened to see me lying on the rocks. I got up to see both my mom and my sis lying on the ground. Illusion sickness… I realized that must have been the first to get plagued and it must have spread to my mother and Nina. I placed my hand on Nina to wake her up when suddenly I noticed that again Nina and my mother were gone, a gloomy night was above me and I was standing on a long street that stretched as far as I could see. The midnight silence was shattered when in heard Nina’s scream.
“Nina!” I screamed. I ran as fast as I could, following the screaming noise when I bumped into Nina’s head.
“Megan, Run!” We both shot down the road I looked behind me to see what we were running from. Behind me was a man wearing a hockey mask, I looked closer to see he had a chain saw in his hand. The spinning blades on the saw almost made me faint. Suddenly a voice in my head said, “It’s not real… If you let it frighten you for too long you will be trap here forever. That is you second clue” I stopped running and shouted at Nina.
“Nina stop running!”
“What?!” she said in disbelief
“Trust me!” instantly she stopped. As the thing approached it cackled evilly, the guy morphed into the familiar red haired girl.
“It’s a pity to destroy when you got this far isn’t it?” Suddenly she morphed into the snake headed lady I know as medusa.
“Nina! Close your eyes!” to late I turned to Nina who seemed to be frozen in time. I turned around to see the red haired girl staring at me.
“What do you want!” I screeched at her .
“Isn’t it obvious?” she said.
“I just want to have some fun.” She said smiling and me
“Who are you!” I said glaring at her.
“Well you’re going to die anyways so I might as well tell you… My names illusion.” A cold chill ran down my spine.
“I’m not afraid of you!” I screamed at her
“You will be… this just the beginning.” She said evilly. Suddenly my eyes opened to see that I was back on the rocks. I looked over at Nina who sat on the ground still in shock. While she sat their contemplating over what just happened I placed hand on my mom and slowly went dim. After a few minutes I realized that it was still dark. Why is it not working…

Meanwhile in moms dream…

“It’s been a long time sister…” said illusion standing a foot away from mom.

“Not long enough!” spat mom.

“You were foolish to think you were ever safe to come back here!”

“As long as I know your weakness I’m always safe.” Mom growled.

“Oh not for long. Once I take your daughters unique ability, nightmares will become reality.”

Back to Megan…

Suddenly my eyes flung open to see that I was in a velvet bed cold sweat dotted on my forehead. I shot up and whispered “Wh… where am I?” I looked around till I saw a note on a mirror. I ran for it and read the words that said “The final clue is just around the corner, be careful!” Suddenly a knock on the door made me drop the mirror. I ran to the door and looked though the peep hole. The door swung open and illusion held her hand on my neck.

“I’m not scared of you!” I screamed at her.

“You should be!”  Suddenly adrenaline pounded though my veins as I slammed illusions grip off me. Out of instinct I placed my hand on illusions forehead. Suddenly I was back in our summer house but what I saw was illusion as a child lying in her bed… demon touched.  Instantly I was woke up to see both my sister and my mom staring at me.

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  1. Olivia says:

    Post the rest of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!