The Monster

     I know a monster. It has orange hair and beady blue eyes and sinister freckles under its eyes and that monster is my lil sis.

“Mom, Ally broke my I pod!” I screamed at my mom.

“I… It was just an accident.” Ally sniffled.

Ally flashed her signature move, the sniffling.

“Jasmine she is only 5, I’ll buy you another on your birthday.”

I growled at Ally and stomped up stairs to my bed.

See what I’m talking about now that little beast is a monster. I have this superstition that maybe she’s from another planet called I pod cereal killer sent to ruin my life.

Yesterday we had spaghetti and that thing catapulted a meat ball to my head as she shouted “Mommy a meteor fell on jasmine!”

While I was having a funeral for my iPod the lights suddenly went out. A second later ally started to scream “Mommy, mommy I gone blind!” I couldn’t help but snicker. After mom found us in our rooms with her flashlight she told us that there was a power failure and that it will come on late at night. It was already 5:00pm and Ally was taken to bed.

“But I’M not tired” she pouted as mom put her in her bed. “Try to sleep any ways” she said to her.

I felt bad for her being put to bed early because being put in bed early is like having insomnia. I had a suspicion that she was going to get up again but I knew it wasn’t my problem. At 6:00 I heard stomping in the basement and thought it might be the monster. I walked down stairs and opened the door to the basement and their stood ally with a Nerf shotgun in her hand.

“Boom” she shouted as a fake orange Nerf bullet hit my eye.

“Ow!” I said staggering back ward and hit something that fell with a loud smash.

Even with all the darkness I could still see my mom in her bright pattern shirt angry glare stare looking at me.

“To bed all of you!” she said angrily.

So here I am laying in my bed even though its only 6:12 but no matter how much I tried I could not sleep and it wasn’t because it was only 6:00 it was because I was worried that the monster was staring at me.

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