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Trick or Scream

“Be careful Kat!” my mom said worriedly

“I’ll be fine mom.” I said getting my trick or treat basket

“Don’t talk to strangers!” she yelled as I walked down the street. Today is Halloween and as always my mom is worried sick right as I walk out of her door. This year I’m dressed as Katniss Everdeen – a character in the Hunger Games. My first stop at a house was a success, two Hershey bars with nuts and one tootsie lollipop.

I walked down the street and saw a dark house – its gates open. I walked in, unexpectedly an old man who came out of nowhere said “beware the house, many have gone in none have come out.” I blinked once and he was gone… I thought about turning back but before I could react I knocked on the door. The door swung open to reveal a broken down house that was full of darkness and real spiders. I turned tail to run but something grabbed me and pulled me in. I screamed in terror but none of the trickier treaters saw me. The door slammed close as soon as I was in. I was engulfed in darkness, I hate the dark I love my ability to see more that anyone can imagine. I opened the door relived that it wasn’t locked but when my vision adjusted I saw a ghost heading toward me, I screamed and slammed the door and locked it.

The only ghost I have ever seen was on my Nancy Drew games that I had used to play before I started having nightmares. The ghost still stood at the front door the face of the ghost made me jump up and run.

I ran into what looked like a mile long hallway – a voice made me jump. “ Hello their sweet pea!”  I turned around to see a beautiful princess, “come here.” She said smiling.

I had better sense than that. I turned around and ran. The dainty voice replaced with a strong shrieking sound “Come back!” Oh my god! I thought. I wish I had never looked at that face, the face that will haunt me forever. I looked back and saw that her face molded and disintegrated and her mouth drooped. She was almost on top of me. I saw a door and I flew through it and locked it.

I found a flashlight on the ground and I grabbed it. No battery’s rats!  I thought. I walked consumingly around until I heard a *bong* *BONG* “Omg what was that!” I screamed looking around until I saw a grandfather clock with a note that had red paint said the “Leave now! Before bloody Mary com—” rest of the words were cut off, the words did scared me but what really scared me was that the words was not red paint – it was blood. Suddenly I turned around to see a girl far across the room her feature-less face locked on me. I screamed and ran for my life I felt a burning pain in my arm as blood poured on the floor. I lost my mind. I shattered the window with my flashlight and jumped through it. I fell on the ground – blood poured out on my hands and legs from the broken glass. I could not move, soon bloody Mary or the ghost guarding the door would find me and finish me off.


This story was created by my worst fears that had happened in real life and in my dreams but which is which? It’s up for you to decide :-).




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