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Inspired by Warriors Cat series by Eric hunter


“Featherwing!” Called Darkfeather

“Yes?” Featherwing said patiently until the guard flew up to the nest. “There is a meeting in the Prickle bush… everyone is required to come.”

“But I can’t leave my eggs! The featherless will take them!” she fretted

“Everyone is required…” he repeated

“Fine!” she screeched and both flew to prickle bush

The Leader talked about how we must collect food now since spring is over and the feather less will be leaving. If we don’t we will starve through summer. When the meeting was over dozens of birds flew to collect the remaining food left by the feather less. Feather wing glided strait back to her nest.

“My eggs!” She Cried. Their on the ground laid a rock stained with blood, three eggs cracked and one baby bird squeaking for warmth.

Chapter 1

Grass meadow

“Mom! Can I please go to the grass meadow!”

“No, you’re too young dustwing!”

“But my baby feathers are all grown in!” I said flapping my gray wings. Before Featherwing could respond darkfeather flew down to the nest.

“Everyone must come to the prickle bush immediately!” he said

“I’m not leaving after what happened last time, so you can go tell hawkwing that I’m not coming!” Said Featherwing her wings stretched out as a warning.

“You have no choice Featherwing if you don’t come he will puck your feathers out one by one.” He said sympathetically

“No…”she said dryly

There was a long pause before I broke the silence “Mom! If I play in grass meadow I will be well concealed so you won’t have to worry about me!” I said slyly

“…Ok…” Featherwing picked me up by her beak and carried me over to grass meadow. I gazed across the thick patch of grass in awe.

“Be careful!” Featherwing told me when she put me on the ground.

“I will.” I told her as she flew to the prickle bush.

Chapter 2

The attack

After hours of playing and frolicking in the grass I fell asleep…

“Aww it’s so cute!” I woke up instantly and look up at the two gigantic featherless.

“It’s awake!” it shrieked.

I tried to fly away but fell at my attempted darn still can’t fly! I thought. Suddenly the featherless huge hand seized me.

“Let me go!” I screaked biting the featherless pointer finger

“Ow, it bit me!” the featherless roared. Suddenly the little beast grasp was lost and I started to fall. Wind rushed through my feathers as the pavement called my name. “Help!” I squawked. Out of nowhere my mom grabbed my feathers on my wing before I hit the ground and rocketed to the bushes when I was put down I saw hawkwing and his army birds battling the featherless. The two featherless turned around and ran for their lives while hawkwing and his army birds kept an eye sky watch on them. “Back to the nest!” she said carrying me to our nest.

To be continued :3

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